Site Safety Compliance

We eliminate the paperwork so you can run your jobsite

With all the day to day responsibilities your construction company faces, the health and safety of your workers is right there on top. But the health and safety compliance paperwork can overwhelm even the most efficient business operation.

Rebar’s simple, affordable and easy to use software allows you and your team to easily manage your health and safety responsibilities, maintain an electronic audit trail needed for compliance and reduce your risk. Say hello to Rebar and goodbye to paperwork forever.


Reduce Risk

With Rebar's automated jobsite checklists and features you can mitigate risk on the jobsite so all employees go home safe.


Eliminate Paperwork

Rebar is easy to use and will replace hours of chasing paperwork with increased productivity saving you time and money.


Meet Compliance

With Rebar's automated cloud based system you ensure due diligence on all job sites; while keeping up with constantly changing legislation.


Improve Communication

Rebar allows you to quickly communicate jobsite hazards and other project information to your head office, workers, and sub-contractors.

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I performed a time analysis based on my current site. I am currently saving roughly one and a half hours based on the fact that I no longer need to drop off inspection paperwork at our shop.” “It is very convenient using the tablet and the ability to attach photos.”

- Shea Coulombe at PM Contracting
As I consider myself technically challenged, I was surprised at how easy Rebar was to use. It eliminated the hassle of all my health and safety paperwork and it was great to be reminded of safety items that needed to be completed. Also, very impressed with the man-hours I saved so I could get back to working on my sites. Best of all it keeps us safe!

- Les Miller Site Supervisor at M4 Construction




Annamaria understands construction safety first hand. As a construction business owner, she was personally responsible for the safety of her employees and for ensuring her business remains compliant with safety regulations. After being personally affected by a work-related tragedy, Annamaria founded Site Safety Solutions and created Rebar with a mission to make safety compliance an easier and paperless process for construction owners like herself.



Mark has decades of developing and implementing software systems in both the financial and communication sectors. Mark is eager to bring his knowledge and experience into the construction industry.



Conner started with Rebar as an intern and solely took the challenge to develop the first demo and has succeeded to build the mobile user experience and design you see today.



Athena is responsible for building awareness and demand for Rebar across the construction industry.

Our mission is to make construction sites safer for businesses and their workers


  • How does the Test Drive work?

    You have unlimited access to Rebar for 30 days with no contracts and no credit card required but with all the support you need.

  • What happens after the Test Drive?

    When your 30-day Test Drive is up, you can choose from one of several paid plans. If you’re not ready to subscribe or need more time, not a problem. Your data will be securely stored in case you decide to subscribe in the future.

  • If I want to add just one more user?

    Tiers are set to provide discounts for more users, single users can be added for $99 each. As the cost breakpoint is apporached, its better to go with the next tier.

  • Is the data safe?

    Server Cloud system fully hosted in Canada, with localized security additions, all data securely maintained in Canada, including recurring automatic backups.

  • Is the data encrypted?

    All communications are fully encrypted, both through the web and mobile app. Additions on the mobile side have been added to eliminate standard attacks.