To say the adoption of technology in business is a trend is the understatement of the year. Automation, simplification, consistency, and transparency are just some of the most impactful results of implementing technology.

The construction field, however, has been a slow adopter. A read through the JBKnowledge 2018 Construction Technology Report reveals interesting findings into what is being adopted and how widely spread acceptance of tech – or the disregard for it – is.

Over the past three years, the growth of mobile device use in the workplace hasn’t changed too much. It’s been pretty consistent that just over 40% of people in construction have deemed the need for mobile use as very important, but it’s a slow change for those who think it’s not important. In 2016 20% reported they didn’t think mobile use was important at all; this number shrank just 5% in 2018.

What does this actually mean? That less than half of people in construction consider the use of a mobile device on the site or in the office to be a critical tool in their job, and that just under one-fifth actually think it’s not necessary. The opportunity that is being missed out on is that they can be saving both time and money if they simply adopted technology into their workday via their mobile phones.

You might ask yourself “What’s the hold up? Who is saying no?” Is it the company or is the individual? Report findings show that the number one reason for not adopting new technology is budget. Yes, there are many software solutions and technology tools that can seem out of reach due to their price point. There are also many new solutions and apps that are affordable. But regardless of the price point, companies should focus on the benefits that come out of implementing a software solution.

The most popular apps being used in construction are for photos. Not for workflow management, not for safety and compliance, not for plan management, and not for communication. Some of those photo apps are specific to the construction industry. The lack of technology adoption in the construction space is creating a gap that can be easily filled.

Spend money to save money. Bringing technology on to the worksite doesn’t have to be a big, complex thing. It can be a single app. Or a couple that complement each other. If a single app is going to help your team report faster, document with more accuracy, or access information easier, it means they can be spending more time doing the job that makes the money.