Adapting to the "New Normal"

Get Your Construction Business Safely Back on the Tools after COVID-19

The future of the construction industry after the COVID-19 pandemic is going to look very different. With the severity of this health crisis, construction companies will be required to implement significant changes to their current business practices in order to comply with new health and safety regulations.

Rebar is here to help. Our FREE kit will prepare you for when the pandemic restrictions are lifted, so you can get your workers and subs safely back on the tools, and your business quickly operating in the “new normal”.

Rebar's FREE plan includes:

Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan

A pandemic is an unexpected event that you probably weren’t prepared for. By using Rebar’s preparedness and response plan, you can ensure that your workers and sites stay safe.

Digital Jobsite Checklist

A real-time, paperless system can help companies keep their job sites safe while enforcing social distancing practices, by avoiding the exchange of paper forms and binders both on site and to the office.

Toolbox Talks

With a rapidly evolving situation such as a pandemic, our Rebar Toolbox Talks help you communicate the latest up to date facts and critical information to your team.

Physical Distancing, Handwashing and Jobsite Screening Poster

Rebar’s job site communication tools allow companies to enforce best practices and encourage employee self-assessment to avoid risk of exposure to other workers.

Start Preparing Now So You Will Be Ready!

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